12 March 2012

nights with allen

via my instagram: byalisoncooper

tonight was a french onion dip + ruffles for dinner kind of night.
the apartment smells like vanilla and amber and my brain feels full.
the weather is supposed to be warm + rainy all week
which i'm more than okay with.

i'm also more than okay with
smith's rosebud salve
really friendly bus drivers
yogi's green tea kombucha decaf
saturday nights with allen ginsberg
striped tops for spring
being four points away from the top spot in the east
and having an extra hour of sunlight in the evening
to walk around my neighborhood
and capture small moments like the ones above.

so what are you doing with your extra hour of sun?

xo alison


  1. these photographs are so lovely. <3 and i love your words, always xxxx

  2. I'm enjoying it by keeping my shades open. There's nothing quite like natural light pouring in.

    I love Rosebud Salve too. It's a miracle product!

  3. Rosebud Salve is possibly the greatest thing ever. I use it all the time on my lips, my hands, my face. It's incredible.

    French onion dip & chips; you just can't go wrong!