18 April 2012

and reading bukowski

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i've been having the worst time focusing lately.
my mental ruts usually don't last longer than an afternoon
so being in one for a few days has me a spiraling a little.

like all i want to do is drink good iced coffee
go on roundabout walks
listen to glen hansard's new music
disappear into my netflix cue
and open all the windows even when it's cold.

i'm in the middle of finals, though,
and it's taking me twice as long
to write anything half as good as my normal standard
and even doing that is like pulling teeth.


i know it's probably just the stress
the accumulation of the stress of the semester

but understanding isn't really that helpful
when i'm normally not the listless, ennui type
i.e. the type who really wants to spend the day
snacking on frozen grapes + semi sweet chocolate
while wearing over sized pajama pants
and reading bukowski
and not a goddamn other thing.

what do you do when you just can't seem to concentrate?

xo alison


  1. I usually take a walk or something and try to clear my mind and then get back to it. But I've also gone on for days just like you are. Sometimes the brain just shuts down. Good Luck!

    Maria @ Orchard Bloom

  2. This is totally random but I have the exact same Jouets poster that's in the 5th photo! Anyways, good luck on your finals! I know it's a super stressful time, but you're gonna make it through! :)

  3. lots of tea and a mini road trip.. always does the trick to clear my mind! good luck!

  4. Usually I have to bribe myself in order to concentrate. SOmething like, "Joanne, you can go out for ice cream if you study for three hours straight. GO."

    Love your purple shoes!

  5. that playoff series seems more like baseball vs. hockey when it comes to the score! i blame that for your focus issues :)!