21 April 2012

cut in squares

via instagram: more here.

right now i really love
really hot hot chocolate from a gas station
rain pooling on the patio furniture
local pizza cut in squares
mumford & sons in the morning
the pens forcing a game six
and being home for the weekend.

what do you love right now?

xo alison


  1. I"m loving spring flowers and lazy saturday mornings with coffee

  2. I am loving warm AZ sunshine, thrift stores, and my adorable dogs.

  3. i love your instagram. <3 right now, i am loving writing little cards for people, photographing in the sun, lazing in the pool and blue skies and puffy clouds. :) xxxx

  4. mmm your pictures and words always feel so cosy!

    At the moment I love soft clothes, fresh flowers and home made meringues!

  5. I am loving sorting through 5,000 photos from November to February!
    Hot, hot chocolate from a gas station sounds so warm and cosy (especially on a cold and rainy day).
    Gorgeous shots, and glad you got to spend some time at home with family.
    Ronnie xo

  6. Right now I'm loving hope. It's a nice idea.

  7. getting rid of stuff - spring cleaning!