28 April 2012


one exam, two papers, and one quiz down.
one revision, and one quiz left
then goodbye, spring 2012 semester.
i'm totally okay to see you go.

xo alison

p.s. see that last picture? yep, that's my new marc by marc jacobs bag i've wanted for years and that my dad just bought me "just because". i had a very non-frivolous childhood and i live a very non-frivolous life, so needless to say i'm still a little shocked that it's mine. it's just so gorgeous.


  1. Lovely photos, you've managed to capture beautiful moments in the midst of what I know is a stressful time - it's the last week of my semester, too! Good luck with your writing/exams!!

  2. I love these scenes! The neighborhood in the 5th photo looks like it has a lot of character. PS Yay for the Marc Jacobs bag! And good luck again with finals!

  3. All the best with the end of the semester. Love the bag.

  4. oh Alison, thank you so much for all your comments. they make my days a little brighter when i read them! hehe. i love your instagram photos, as usual. (i am so hooked on it) +gorgeous bag!! lucky girl, i'm glad your dad got it for you. thoughtful of him. :) xxxx

  5. Majorly jealous of that bag...so pretty! Not so jealous of all the exams/revisions/papers. SO excited for you to be done!

  6. It's really gorgeous! Yay to your dad!


  7. Congrats on the new Marc Jacobs! Love that bag, have had one on my wishlist as well for ages.

    Lovely photos, too!