23 April 2012

really really

it's very windy & kind of cold
and i'm listening to acoustic laura gibson
and eating dried apricots
and very glad it's monday.

the weekend was one of those weekends
that's filled with very high highs & very low lows
so to be back in pittsburgh
with an endless cup of tea & a full DVR
is really really nice,
weird weather and all.

how was your weekend?

xo alison


  1. Mine was busy too, but luckily in a good way. :) Gorgeous flowers! We've got weird weather too, it was 90 on Saturday and today its in the 60s and drizzling.

  2. I'm in the last week of the semester, so my weekend was CRAZY...and so will this week be, as well. I'm clinging to sanity, but the light at the end of the tunnel is clearer and clearer :) Happy Monday!

  3. I LOVE those flowers. They put me on one of those high highs.

  4. The Pens game was a heartbreaker, I grew up in Western PA and still love the Pens. My weekend was good, nice and relaxing.

  5. That hockey game picture is so cool! I love Laura Gibson!

  6. I worked this weekend, so... it was not a very fun one. Loving your beautiful pictures.